Book and Author Festival

The Central Coast Book and Author Festival will not be held this year.
We are planning a new and completely different event for 2013!





The Foundation for San Luis Obispo County Public Libraries is a non-profit public interest corporation which conducts advocacy, fundraising and program activities to support and strengthen public libraries countywide. The Foundation was formed in 1998.

Foundation Mission — We believe in our community. The Foundation for San Luis Obispo County Public Libraries seeks to raise awareness and monies to strengthen our public libraries. We believe that strong libraries help build, nourish and support our community by providing a rich environment for learning and appreciation of knowledge. A great library system benefits everyone in our county.

To contribute to the Foundation, please click on the button below. You can make a contribution to help us meet our goals.

Would you like to get involved?

The Foundation for San Luis Obispo County Public Libraries is looking for a few good women and men who would like to help us “give wings to knowledge” by joining our Board of Directors.

The current Foundation Board includes thirteen women and men from around the county: professionals in banking, sales, graphic arts, publishing, nonprofits; professors; retirees. We’re an all-volunteer working Board with no staff, although library staff are a key part of our team as time allows.

An ideal Board member will share our love for libraries and reading and literacy, and will be willing and able to contribute time, talent, and/or treasure to help insure the future of our libraries.

Much of the work of the Board – advocacy, fundraising, special events, outreach, financial management – is achieved through its several committees: Book and Author Festival, public relations, Friends liaison, fundraising and grants, investments, programs.

If any or all of this sounds like a good fit for you, or if you’d like more information about the Foundation’s mission and activities, we’d love to hear from you! Call our voice mail at 546-1392, send an e-mail to our Foundation President, Vera Wallen, or drop a note to P.O. Box 12942, San Luis Obispo 93406.


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Vision Document
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